About Liv Skin Medspa

LivSkin MedSpa was conceived in 2017 to be a state of the art, sophisticated, results driven medical spa. Under the direction of founder Laura Bellendier, our highly skilled, customer service oriented esthetic professionals will assist our clients in finding their optimum beauty through anti aging products and procedures. We intend to promote the idea of intentionally living at our most beautiful. At Liv, we want our guests to live healthy, happy, beautiful lives. In this era, where human connections between people are more important than ever, we see a very real need for longstanding beauty relationships in a safe environment.

LivSkin’s discreet location and state of the art treatment rooms were designed with the sophisticated client in mind. Its’ beautiful, quiet spaces are designed as a pleasing backdrop for our rejuvenating medspa services. We provide results-oriented beauty regimens away from the fast-paced, stressful surroundings of our daily lives. Art, music, fresh flowers and attractive furnishings help to stimulate the senses. Liv is a haven from everyday stresses. Our focus on anti-aging products and procedures has lead to our carefully curates selection of pharmaceutical grade skincare products and regimens as well as the newest in laser and micro needling technologies.

In addition, LivSkin is a resource for medical spa professionals in the heart of the Midwest. LivSkin is a leader in providing opportunities for estheticians, nurses and other medical professions to collaborate. We strongly promote continuing education for esthetic professionals and continually work to identify ways to promote healthy living in every sense as it relates to beauty. Liv includes a generous conference area to further this goal.

LivSkin is the best in the business of Skin.


You can be gorgeous at thirty, charming at forty and irresistible for the rest of your life.

Coco Chanel